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Our Mission & Vision

Producing Dedicated, Determined, and Dynamic Disciples through the Word of God; to continue the work of Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Church Values

Authentic relationships

We value authentic relationships, characterized by grace and truth, which foster personal growth and wholeness.

Inclusive Outpouring of Love

We welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds to find strength and support in times of struggle and joy.

Generosity Of Spirit and Action

We value generosity of spirit and action expressed in living sacrificially and giving generously of our time, our talents, our treasure and ourselves.

Youth For Tomorrow is founded on Godly principles with the purpose to give our children an opportunity to voluntarily learn spiritual values and be given the option to participate in the Christian ministry activities provided by our on-campus ministry.

Our ministry is non-denominational and offers a variety of activities to the residents who choose to participate. These activities include a weekly mid-week Chapel service, Sunday church service, and volunteer minister-led activities such as Bible studies, recreational activities, and off campus trips.

It is the ministry’s desire for our residents to be led by the spirit to seek Christ, not by required attendance. Therefore, under no circumstance is a resident required to participate in any spiritual activity. For those residents who desire to attend YFT’s New Life Church, led by Campus Pastor, Lawrence Hubb, they will experience a Christ-centered ministry that is offered on our campus and is focused on providing our traumatized children hope, healing and happiness through the Salvation of the Lord. The Youth For Tomorrow spiritual component also includes Pastor Israel Salguero, Chaplain Dennis Glusko and Evangelist Joyce Coats who provide pastoring and counseling to residents and staff, upon their request.

Children of all faiths are enrolled at YFT and should they desire to participate in a worship service outside of the Christian faith, the opportunity to do so is provided to those residents. All faith-based activities are purely voluntary.

Our Church Leadership

A Community of Love, Grace, and Hope through Jesus Christ

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Support the New Life Church and help us continue to provide a source of hope and healing to those in need through your generous donations.

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Donations of all amounts play a critical role in supporting the New Life Church and our mission to provide spiritual guidance and emotional support to those in need. By donating you are helping us to maintain and enhance the chapel, and offer a welcoming and inclusive space for worship and reflection.

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