The Student Leadership of The Oracle

Editor-in-Chief: Agustin Tornabene


Dear Oracle Readers,

My name is Agustin Tornabene, and I am a sixth-former from Buenos Aires, Argentina. After editing the Opinion Section last year, this year I will serve as the Editor-in-Chief. My hope is that these pages may communicate to the Woodberry Community -in both its largest and narrowest definitions- what is happening at this school. My only wish is that The Oracle staff this year be as zealous as I will in pursuing our vision.



Opinion: Henry Singleton

Dear Oracle Readers,


I am a sixth former from Virginia and have been at Woodberry Forest for four years and working with the Oracle for the last two years.  This Year I am the Editor for the Opinion section of our online publication bringing you the opinions of the student body through my staff of writers.  I have studied writing under the tutelage of famous Woodberry English teachers Mr. John Reimers and Mr. Ben Hale. I run both track and cross country for sport year round and in my spare time I can often be found fishing down at the river or perhaps working on the Oracle.


Toilet Paper: Luke Stone

Dear Oracle Readers,Stone_Luke_5_11785

My name is Luke Stone, I am a fifth-former from Florida, and I am editor of the Toilet Paper. Beside my Oracle duties, I serve on the editorial board of The Talon, Woodberry’s literary and arts magazine, coach Bengal football, and am involved with the Model UN team. In my free time, I enjoy playing pickup sports, going to the pool, and managing my sports blog. Although I’ll eat almost anything the dining hall serves, my favorite menu item is breaded chicken wings with buffalo sauce.

Humor: Henry Clark

Dear Oracle Readers,


My name is Henry Clark. I am a sixth former from Nashville, Tennessee. I am going on my fourth year here at Woodberry. I am a member of the cross country team, and have been for the past three years. I believe it’s important to be a part of a community, especially the Woodberry community. I very much enjoy spending time outdoors and with friends. A great deal of the time I spend with friends; we are joking around. Humor is a big part of who I am and my relationships. I am very excited to be editing the humor articles for this year’s oracle. I think we can bring some great humor to our community, that most everyone can find funny.


Today: Austin de la Torre

Dear Oracle Readers, de la Torre_Austin_5_13471

My Name is Austin de la Torre, and this year I will be serving as editor for the Today and Spotlight sections. I am a fifth-former from Alabama and a member of the swim team. My favorite things to during my free time include spending time with friends at the river and going for runs of perimeter trail. My goal for the Today section is to provide an account of what goes on at Woodberry for posterity to have at its disposal. I am looking forward to helping the Today and Spotlight sections have a great year!