The Student Leadership of The Oracle

Editors-in-Chief: Spencer Dearborn ’18 & Trace Richard ’18

Dear Oracle Readers,
My name is Spencer Dearborn and I am a sixth former from Texas and co-Editor-in-Chief of The Oracle. Outside of the Oracle, I run for the Varsity Cross Country team, participate in Model UN, and play basketball poorly. Outside of class, I maintain a healthy obsession with NFL football and the study of economics. This year, my top priority for The Oracle is to inject it into the culture of the school, so that students will look to it daily for news, laughs, and an opportunity to add student voice to the community. At its best, The Oracle is supposed to give students a legitimate platform on which they can spread their ideas throughout the Woodberry community, past and present.
Spencer Dearborn

Dear Oracle Readers,
My name is Trace Richard and I am a 6th former from Texas. I will be serving as one of two Editors-in-Chief and I have set the bar high for what I want to accomplish with The Oracle this year. My main goal is to create a strong, stable foundation of engaged students that will act as future leaders for The Oracle. I hope that throughout this year, I can set the pace for students to effectively continue following the main goal of The Oracle: giving the Woodberry community a day-by-day yearbook that acts as a doorway into the students’ lives. An interesting part of my life, that many of my friends do not know, is that the past two summers I have worked on a construction site in Texas driving different heavy equipment, such as steamrollers, dump trucks, tractors, and more. I am very excited to be co-leading the restoration of The Oracle back to the cornerstone of the school community that it once was.
Trace Richard

Today Editor: Andrew Jacobs ’18


Dear Oracle Readers,
My name is Andrew Jacobs, and I am a 6th former from Virginia. I will be in charge of the Today section of The Oracle. Along with my work on The Oracle, I serve as the Prefect on Upper Turner, a captain on the Varsity Soccer team and a member of the Varsity Golf team. I see the Today section of The Oracle being at the center of the publication: our goal will be to provide the community with up-to-date and accurate news of daily events around campus. The Today section, ultimately, will serve as the journalistic base for The Oracle. I’m very excited to provide our readers with the best and most accurate news source at Woodberry Forest.

Yesterday Editor: Robert Matz ’18


Dear Oracle Readers,
My name is Robert Matz and I am a 6th former from Pennsylvania. At Woodberry, I currently serve as prefect on Terry House and can be seen running track during the winter and spring seasons. This year, I have the privilege of working as an editor for the Oracle’s Yesterday section. Within this category, we will be re-publishing pertinent Oracle articles written by previous generations of Woodberry boys. These articles come straight from the Woodberry archives and cover a wide range of topics, from old senior pranks to coverage of The Game. We hope to frequently publish these older articles and, likewise hope you find them enjoyable. This is one of several ways we aspire to reach our goal of breathing new life into The Oracle: through the publication of fresh, exciting, and historical content.

Spotlight Editor: Wilk’s Rogers ’19


Dear Oracle Readers,
My name is Wilks Rogers and I am a 5th former from Virginia. This is my third year being involved in The Oracle. In addition to serving as editor of the Spotlight category for The Oracle, I am also a reader in chapel and part of the Woodberry Christian Fellowship. My goal for this year is to inspire younger formers to become involved in the newspaper. Many new boys see The Oracle and think they can never do it because they are poor writers. I thought the same thing except I tried anyway. Now I am an editor on the staff and I have grown as a writer. I wish to help other Woodberry boys to accomplish the same for themselves and have them bring their own unique perspectives and opinions to The Oracle.

Opinion Editor: Agus Tornabene ’19


Dear Oracle Readers,
My name is Agustin Tornabene and I am a 5th former from Argentina. This year, I will serve as the editor for the Opinion section of The Oracle. In accordance with my role as agitator-in-chief, I also lead the Young Libertarian Club and I am the Secretary-General for Woodberry’s own Model UN Conference. Through the publication of Woodberry student’s timely insights, we hope to provide the student body with a forum for civil discussion of ideas that are pertinent to Woodberry. In doing so, we will not only let our voice be heard by the current Woodberry Constituency, but we will also leave a record of our thoughts for future members of our splendid little community.

Athletics Editor: Braxton Clark ’18


Dear Oracle readers,
My name is Braxton Clark and I am the Athletics Editor for The Oracle. I am from South Carolina and I run track during the winter. At Woodberry, I spend most of my free time playing bass guitar, fishing, or watching sports. This year, we are laying the groundwork for an updated and reliable Athletics section to advance from the season summaries and longer stories that have traditionally been published. With focused dedication, we can turn The Oracle Athletics Section into the first place to look for anything dealing with sports at Woodberry.

Humor Editor: Edward Solms ’18


Dear Oracle readers,
My name is Edward Solms and I am a 6th former from Virginia. I will be the editor for the Humor section of The Oracle this year. In addition to serving as an Oracle editor, I am a member of the Varsity Football and Track teams. I also serve as the ‘Defect’ on Middle Taylor. This year I look forward to bringing the Woodberry community a little satirical view on current and some past events at the Forest. My goal is for this section to serve not only as a humorous section but also to give insight into the student’s honest opinion of current events; perhaps riddled with the occasional Reimers story.


Toilet Paper Editor: Jack Stone ’18


Dear Oracle readers,
My name is Jack Stone and I am a 6th former from South Florida. This year, I will oversee the publication of the Toilet Paper, a weekly news flyer found in all 200-plus bathroom stalls on Woodberry’s campus. In addition to serving as an Oracle editor, I am a member of Woodberry’s Model UN team, as well as a founder of the 1889 Society, Woodberry’s alumni relations club. I look forward to bringing the Woodberry campus their weekly fix of riddles, trivia, campus current events, and of course, the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, all via the Toilet Paper.