A Letter to a Friend

Trace Richard ’18 I was patiently sitting in the student section the morning of Graduation. Trying to pass the time, I did everything from biting my nails to daydreaming. But one award caught my complete attention. The Distinguished Service Award. This award was presented by Mr. Finch, Woodberry […]

Where will the Class of 2017 be in 20 Years?

Lee Caffey ’17 and Parker Jacobs ’17 Lee Cozart –DKE House at UNC Adam Fleck – Fantasy Baseball League Owner Alex Krongard  – Living with Houyoux Andrew Haley – Giving Sermons at Community Churches across America Anthony Sleiman – Waiting on an invite Basil Boyd – Trying not […]

Senior Pranks in 1991

The following image comes from the May 10 issue of The Oracle in 1991. It reads, Top Ten Senior Pranks We’d Like to See 10. Cows in Lassiter Lounge 9. Mr. Gillespie’s van on blocks in front of the Walker Building 8. Padlock the doors of Mr. Wright’s house […]