Half a Century Later… The Game Goes On

Republished with permission of Caldwell Bailey ’01, original written in November 11, 2000 issue of The Oracle Fifty years ago, J. Carter Walker sat down to reflect on Woodberry Forest’s half-century-old rivalry with Episcopal High School. In his mind were all the tests The Game had persevered, and […]

The Game – Tradition at its Finest

Chizembi Sakulanda, South African Exchange Student Before I arrived to Woodberry, I had already been informed about the hysteria that is The Game. And surely enough, as soon as I arrived at Woodberry Forest, I witnessed it. The Varsity football team, about to end their pre-season preparations, were […]

A Legacy of Past Excellence, The Game of 2010

Andrew Holmes ’16 In the middle of rural Virginia, a place called Woodberry Forest exists where you cannot say the word “fall” without “football” in the same sentence, particularly in the first week of November when you are talking about The Game. The South’s oldest high school football […]

WFSPN: The Whole Story

Gray Robertson ’16 takes us through both his inception of the idea for the Woodberry Forest School Production Network as well as the long and difficult path that he followed in order to get it off the ground “You are watching…AND listening LIVE from Johnson Stadium…” I will […]

Life in the Arts at Woodberry Forest

Iain Leggat ’16 The Walker Fine Arts center has almost become a second home for me while being at Woodberry. From the outside, it’s not the most glamorous of buildings on campus. If compared to the new science or math buildings, it looks like a place that has […]

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