Fact or Fiction: Mr. Blain’s Bonfire Emails

Tommy Mulry ’16 One of the relatively forgotten traditions of The Bonfire comes not the day of, but rather in the preceding week leading up to the event. The tradition of Mr. Blain’s email about The Bonfire has become a staple of pranking new students year in and […]

A Perspective from the Old Breed

John Pittman ’16 The fall trimester is rapidly coming to an end. With its conclusion, students start preparing for exams, the lists for buses go up, and the nostalgia of The Game and Bonfire become omnipresent. The entire fall seems to be building up to the one weekend […]

A Day in the Life of a Cheerleader

Robert Singleton ’16 One of the few remaining traditions at Woodberry that some students love and some just like is that of the cheerleaders. For those unaware, each year through a tight-lipped process, a group of boys is chosen by the previous cheerleaders to head up pep rallies and foster […]

Meet Your Tigers

Ben Lytle ’17 Going into the Episcopal Game this year, the Tigers will have a 9-1 record and, once again, hold the title of Prep League Champions. Episcopal, on the other hand, boasts a 7-0 undefeated record going into the 115th game.  There is no doubt that both […]

The Bonfire: Main quad war cry

Cameron Clark, South African Exchange Student I have got that feeling. I think everyone else does too. The atmosphere around the campus of Woodberry Forest is comparable to a birthday; even if you are not thinking about it, you have that anticipation in the back of your head […]

Construction of The Bonfire

Mac Boney ’18 The Bonfire is an event like no other; everyone who is a part of the event remembers it for a lifetime. Sadly, though, a crucial aspect of The Bonfire gets overlooked each and every year: the actual construction of the two story high feature donning […]

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