Woodberry in Spain

Chris Oldham ’17 This past June and July, a group of ten Woodberry Spanish students and two teachers made Spain our home. We stayed in hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, and […]

Parker Jacobs’ Editor’s Note

The Oracle at Woodberry Forest interests me because I thought it was dead after my sophomore year. There were no longer printed newspapers being distributed to every dorm and classroom. Fortunately, Caleb […]

Editor’s Note: May 2016

Caleb Rogers ’16 Awhile back at an early spring seated meal, my advisor, Mr. Steve Stancill, asked me “has it set in yet?” He wanted to know if I and the other […]

A Farewell from Mr. Walker

Below is a farewell message from Mr. J. Carter Walker to the members of the Class of 1948. It was printed on June 4th, 1948 for Woodberry’s 59th Commencement. This was Mr. Walker’s […]

Impressions on Woodberry

Iain Leggat I have spent 8 years of my life in boarding houses. So I felt that when I arrived here I had a pretty good understanding of what I was getting […]

Grade Wrap-ups

Wilks Rogers ’19 (third form) Coming to a new school can be scary, but for the 3rd Form our initial fear was eased by knowing we were not alone. Everyone in this […]

Woodberry Cup: Year 1 Down

Graham Goldstein ’16 In my opinion the Woodberry Cup’s high points occurred when the students were all able to watch an event they could get into. For example, not everyone could get […]