Editor’s Note – December 2015

Caleb Rogers ’16 I think if Santa were real (sorry new-boys) his work ethic would the same one seen across campus right now. This strange, three-week limbo between breaks always serves as a time of hard work riddled with anticipation. Though not exactly the school year’s midpoint, it […]

Scooter Infestation

Will Slicer ’17 and Robert Singleton ’16   Since the beginning of the Fall Trimester, there has been an increase in the number of scooters on campus. Scooters can be found in any location around the school: sidewalks tripping up poor Mr. Reimers, up in trees for the […]

World Renowned Golf Instructor Visits Woodberry

Basil Boyd ’17 This fall, the members of the golf team were given the opportunity to work with one of the top instructors in the world, Andrew Rice.  Being a short drive from South Carolina, Mr. Rice’s home state, Woodberry made for an easy weekend trip and provided […]

A Season in Review: Cross Country

Parker Jacobs ’17 “Whenever you decide to declare for something and go for it, you risk loss.  And even worse than that, you risk real disappointment when you don’t manage to perform at your best.  But if you can face that disappointment without making excuses or putting on […]

Editor’s Note – November 2015

Caleb Rogers ’16 In our transition from paper to website, from print to post, there was one word acting as our driving force: legacy. It denotes two, very important components a school publication requires. First and foremost, we must be interesting and informative in the present. Our target […]

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