Beyond Woodberry: Jack Pidgeon ’11

Jack Pidgeon ’11 My life changes so fast. These days I switch time zones on my watch almost three times a week. Within the last year, I graduated college, married, moved across the country, visited five nations and worked in ten cities. I identify myself as a Christian, […]

Beyond Woodberry: Zach Switzer ’13

Zach Switzer ’13 As many assume, college is filled with fun-loving, knowledge hungry, diverse academics.  For many, college is the most diverse workplace they will experience.  People come from differing socioeconomic backgrounds, countries, and religions; each person’s background is different.  Our society gathers thousands of people on to […]

Beyond Woodberry: Carl Willberg

Carl Willberg, ASSIST student 2015-2016 Four months ago I arrived at Arlanda, bags packed with memories of my greatest year thus far. My eyes were tearful as I embraced my mom, dad and sister. It felt great to be home, and during the car ride home I read […]

Beyond Woodberry: Caleb Rogers ’16

Caleb Rogers ’16 College has been a welcomed change of scenery. Aspects of William and Mary remind me of Woodberry, like the brickwork and teachers. As a whole though, it has been quite a change. The campus ratio is pleasantly not as skewed, and class seems more comfortable […]