Cougars drown the Tigers 121-63

Audric Gupton ’20 & Reed Shemwell ’21 On Tuesday, your Swimming and Diving Tigers faced off in a dual meet against the green and yellow Collegiate Cougars in the single head-to-head dual meet that the Tigers have on their calendar year after year. Though they fought gallantly, the […]

Smells of the Forest

Gus Dupree ’18 The Student Store has revealed its brand new line of Woodberry-themed scented candles, dubbed “Smells from the Forest”. “With our new line of ‘Smells from the Forest’, students, faculty and alumni alike can all bring with them the scents and aromas found only at Woodberry.” […]

Demerit System

A Call for Reform Luke Stone ’20 As it currently stands, Woodberry’s primary punitive measure, the demerit system, is hardly ever punitive. Receiving demerits, a consequence that once threatened to not only take Saturday evening activities off the table for students, but also put persistent infringers on probation […]