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Students Attend SDLC Conference

Freddie Woltz ’20 This past weekend, six students from Woodberry Forest School traveled to Nashville, Tennessee for the 25th annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference. The students were accompanied by several teachers and members of the faculty, who attended the People of Color Conference.  Around 1,700 students attended the […]

Second Karaoke Night Held At Woodberry

Agustin Tornabene ’19 For the second time this year, Karaoke Night at the Forest took place in the Fir Tree this Friday night at 9:30. The atmosphere was filled excitement as students took the stage to sing almost-professional versions of their favorite songs. The first iteration of Karaoke […]

Ethics Bowl Team Places 3rd in Regional Tournament

Daniel Lee ’19 Note: The Ethics Bowl is a group-style debate designed to encourage discourse over important ethical issues. This past Saturday, the WFS Ethics Bowl Team traveled to Collegiate for a day of rigorous deliberation and debate. This year’s team consisted of Reid Applestein, Ian Kim, Daniel […]

Who Will Be in the Tiger Suit?

Charlie Moore ’19 As the game approaches, the players, coaches, and cheerleaders prepare for the biggest day of their season. But one person who is often lost in the midst of all the hype and fanfare is the occupant of historic the tiger suit. Because we at Woodberry […]

Bonfire Build

Will Thomas ’19 On Tuesday and Wednesday of Game week, the AD program worked with the Outdoors program to build this year’s Bonfire. It was an impressive operation. The journey began with the search for suitable logs, not puny sticks like at EHS. There was a number of […]