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Beyond Woodberry: Caleb Rogers ’16

Caleb Rogers ’16 College has been a welcomed change of scenery. Aspects of William and Mary remind me of Woodberry, like the brickwork and teachers. As a whole though, it has been quite a change. The campus ratio is pleasantly not as skewed, and class seems more comfortable […]

Woodberry in China

Charles Moorman ’17 China was a unique experience for everyone involved. The trip started off with a little excitement: our flight had an emergency landing in Canada. We spent that first half day in Winnipeg enjoying two great meals at Denny’s, one for dinner at two o’clock in […]

Woodberry In Scotland

Ben Lytle ’17 We were about to take off from Philadelphia International Airport. I was with a group of people totally new to me, and we were going to be stuck together, like it or not, for three weeks in Scotland. Most of the 16 kids going, eight […]

Woodberry in Nicaragua

Elias Jarvinen’19 Over the summer I went on the Central American Summer Abroad trip that is offered to Spanish I and II students. The trip is to Nicaragua for community service and tourism. The trip overall was a rewarding and enjoyable experience, yet it did not come without […]

Woodberry in Oxford

Thomas Bledsoe ’17 This past July, I was fortunate enough to spend three weeks in Oxford, England with eleven of my Woodberry brothers, Mr. Blain, and John C. Williams, a graduate of the class of 2013.  Unlike some of the other summer trips Woodberry offers, we stayed every […]

Woodberry in Spain

Chris Oldham ’17 This past June and July, a group of ten Woodberry Spanish students and two teachers made Spain our home. We stayed in hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, and stayed with host families in Sevilla and San Sebastian. The longer of the two homestays was […]