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Vaccine Day

By Lewis Rand ’23 Students were happy to receive an email from Dr. Hulsey Monday afternoon announcing that Wednesday would be a free day. This “vaccine day” was the result of roughly […]

Teacher Appreciation Week

By Aidan Stakem ‘23 Last Tuesday, the Woodberry Forest community had another in-person assembly. Each assembly has a different focus and this week’s focus was the topic of teacher appreciation, given that […]

Bonfire Returns

Nate Stein ’24On Friday night, Woodberry boys got to experience their first bonfire sincethe fall of 2019. In a normal year, current students would be joined by alumni, faculty, parents,and others. This […]

First Snow Day of 2021

By Nate Stein ’24 On Sunday, January 31st , Woodberry boys woke up to what would be their first “snowday” of 2021. The maintenance crews had been clearing the walkways and paved […]

Saturday Classes Return

By Aidan Cushman ‘22 Bringing at least a week of complaining with them, Saturday classes have been brought back indefinitely. While nobody likes Saturday classes, they are necessary for the average Woodberry […]

Move-in Day

By Nate Stein ‘24 The move-in process on Sunday, January 10th marked the beginning of a five-day period of quarantine for all Woodberry Forest students. Sunday was rather uneventful; boys arrived at […]

Online Winter Classes

By Aidan Stakem ‘23 It was 10:00 am Monday, November 30 and the morning classes had just begun. The 10:00 am bell had just rung but no students were in their classrooms. […]