Category: Spotlight

A Letter to a Friend

Trace Richard ’18 I was patiently sitting in the student section the morning of Graduation. Trying to pass the time, I did everything from biting my nails to daydreaming. But one award caught my complete attention. The Distinguished Service Award. This award was presented by Mr. Finch, Woodberry […]

Mr. Lonergan

Agus Tornabene ’19 Having grown up in Orange, Woodberry has always been a part of Mr. Lonergan’s life. Whether through visiting his friends, or seeing his son catch his first fish down by the lake, the Forest has always been important to Mr. Lonnergan. After Art School, he struggled […]

Mr. Affronti

Jack Stone ‘18 It’s 8:15 on a Thursday morning and Lewis Affronti is already wading through the Rapidan River, collecting data on macroinvertebrates alongside his environmental science students. Affronti rejoined the Woodberry community in the fall of 2016, after serving as an intern in the 2013-2014 school year. […]

Mr. Tisch

Wilks Rogers ’19 For seven years Mr. Alex Tisch has brought joy and knowledge to the Woodberry community. He teaches conceptual physics, general physics and coaches football and wrestling. He is described by his students as a hands-on, enthusiastic teacher. Mr. Tisch was an intern at a day […]

Mr. Hornady

Braxton Clark ’18 “So what about me?” Wallace Hornady asked his boss James Litton on a train ride from Princeton to New York. “And that’s how I became the assistant music director at the American Boychoir.” Never mind that Hornady is a trained organist and a graduate of […]

Dr. Erb

Wilks Rogers ’19 Although Paul Erb has only worked at Woodberry for two years, he has made an impressive impact on his students and the community at large. Dr. Erb became a teacher to honor a tradition, his father and grandfather were both teachers. Dr. Erb currently teaches […]

Mr. Frazier Stowers Interview

Jamie Woo ’19 Woodberry’s cold winter is heated up with future tigers hungering to enter the Forest. Frazier Stowers’ 04, a former prefect, came back to Woodberry in 2016 to serve as the director of admissions. I interviewed Mr. Stowers some questions that the Woodberry community and future […]

Spotlight: Mr. Huber

Wilks Rogers ’19 Paul Huber is a connection. A connection between alumni and current students. Many alumni are taken back to their Woodberry days when they see Mr. Huber. He is a bridge between that time and now. Current and former students can tell you about the hard […]