Category: Spotlight

Jesse Woody

Henry Dworkin ’20 Jesse Woody is an underappreciated member of the Woodberry community. Everyday Mr. Woody comes to Woodberry with an excitement and passion about his work that inspires those around him. Mr. Woody loves getting outside as much as possible, particularly when he can work with students […]

Dr. Smith

Charlie Moore ’19 Dr. David Smith, one of the most visible members of the community, will sadly be leaving the Woodberry faculty at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Our revered and respected chaplain has upheld a very unique roll on our campus, heading the one-person religion […]

Mr. Stancill

Edward Sackey ’18 From his time as a student to his 34 years as a history teacher and coach, Woodberry has played a huge part in Mr. Stancill’s life. Throughout his time here he’s been greatly involved in the life of the school. As astudent in the class […]

Cathy Braxton

Patrick Noonan ’19 On a Monday night at chapel early this fall, Reverend Smith gave a sermon about his coffee mug. Every morning, the mug shows up magically cleaned, as if a fairy comes to clean it overnight…Which is sort of true. He spoke of one particular Tuesday […]

Mr. Daly

Austin de la Torre ’20 Mr. Daly, now in his second year at Woodberry, teaches 5th form biology, enjoys running, and coaches the long distance sprinters during both the indoor and outdoor track seasons. His students describe him as an energetic and enthusiastic teacher. One of the things […]

Coach Braswell

Austin de la Torre ’20 Scott Braswell came to Woodberry this summer from Wilmington, North Carolina and is bringing thirty years worth of coaching experience with him. Before he came to here he coached at Hoggard High School where he went 167-51, winning a state championship in 2007 […]