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Room Searches Hold Students Accountable

By Luke Stone ’20 J. Carter Walker wrote in his “Statement on the Honor System” in 1951, “The Honor System is the most precious heritage of Woodberry Forest boys from those who have preceded them in other years,” clearly establishing something that most already know to be true: […]

Diversity in our Faculty

Diversity. A confusing word to most Woodberry boys, “it’s not that big a deal,” “it’s not my problem,” “why are you even bringing this up?” After returning from the Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) in Nashville, Tennessee, I wanted my experience to materialize into some benefit for Woodberry. […]

The Varsity Athlete Waiting Exemption

Henry Singleton ’19 It is a well established practice at Woodberry that varsity athletes are not required to participate in the seated meal waiting rotation.  Without the varsity exemption, only sixth form students are excused from waiting, while third, fourth, and fifth formers wait a decreasing number of […]

Why the Woodberry Community Should Vote

Charlie Moore ’19 In the words of Hillary Clinton, “pokemon go to the polls!” With mid term elections less than a week away, (no, not a presidential election, but one where we elect our representatives, state officeholders, and some senators) it’s time to remind everyone to go vote. […]

Unlike a Window Pane

Henry Singleton ’19 Rumors have an uncanny ability to move at seemingly impossible speed. A speed which Woodberry multiplies by ten. Whenever anything of note takes place, word travels from one person to his whole class, to his next class, to the lunch table, to his teammates at […]

Co-Ed Woodberry? Not Woodberry at All.

By Luke Stone ‘20 There are 10,693 private secondary schools (high schools) in the United States. Woodberry would, obviously, be among that number. What makes Woodberry different from the other 10,692? We are an all-boys, all-boarding institution with an honor system. All three of those almost mutually exclusive […]