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Where will the Class of 2016 be in 20 years?

Mac Hereford ’16, Parker Jones ’16, Caleb Rogers ’16 & Robert Singleton ’16 Richmond Adams- Chatham Hall headmaster Wyatt Alexander- DKE Rush Chair at Bama Spencer Andrews- chasing iguanas Evan Backer- 1st ever Woodberry Forest Rabbi Ford Beazley- WFS headmaster Austen Billingsley- Assistant Swim Coach to Colin Manning […]

Woodberry Winter

Sam Carter ’16 Boys, we did our best. Fighting off the winter well into December was a valiant effort. We left for Christmas break wearing shorts and t-shirts but sadly, winter’s finally come. Hopefully Santa brought everyone what they wanted for Christmas, although I never did get that […]

Fact or Fiction: Mr. Blain’s Bonfire Emails

Tommy Mulry ’16 One of the relatively forgotten traditions of The Bonfire comes not the day of, but rather in the preceding week leading up to the event. The tradition of Mr. Blain’s email about The Bonfire has become a staple of pranking new students year in and […]

A Day in the Life of a Cheerleader

Robert Singleton ’16 One of the few remaining traditions at Woodberry that some students love and some just like is that of the cheerleaders. For those unaware, each year through a tight-lipped process, a group of boys is chosen by the previous cheerleaders to head up pep rallies and foster […]