Category: Humor

Woodberry Community Condemned to Hell

Gus Dupree ’18 Speaking from the Ninth circle of Hell, the Devil himself told reporters that he has officially condemned all of Woodberry Forest School to eternal damnation in Hell due to their inability to recite the “Boy’s Prayer” during last Thursday’s assembly. “By failing to remember the […]

Max Johns Seen Walking Across Robertson Lake

On a run Monday afternoon, several members of the cross country team witnessed a peculiar incident on Robertson Lake.  It was Max Johns, our senior prefect, taking a stroll across the water. “We were on a run in that area and saw him casually walking on the water,” […]

Students Hold Memorial for Woodberry Cup

Edward Solms ’18 On Saturday, September 8th, the Old Boys, along with a few enlightened Newboys, held a memorial service for the Woodberry Cup in front of the wall that once held the great Woodberry Cup team murals. When asked his for opinion of the “The Cup,” as […]

Where will the Class of 2017 be in 20 Years?

Lee Caffey ’17 and Parker Jacobs ’17 Lee Cozart –DKE House at UNC Adam Fleck – Fantasy Baseball League Owner Alex Krongard  – Living with Houyoux Andrew Haley – Giving Sermons at Community Churches across America Anthony Sleiman – Waiting on an invite Basil Boyd – Trying not […]

About the weather

Agus Tornabene ’19 It is because of the nature of the arrangements that we find ourselves under, that this author is now charged with the arduous duty of relaying to those souls lucky enough not to find themselves under the yoke of our circumstances the situation in which […]

What is in Santa’s Sack for the Class of 2017?

Maxwell Barnes ’17 Trevor Barker: A better average Joe’s team Maxwell Barnes: for people to take the plays seriously Thomas Bledsoe: a date with the crimson chin Basil Boyd: Rory McIlroy sweat rag Wallace Bruner: replicas of buzz and woody that he can blow up in his backyard […]

Day in the Life of a Cheerleader

Rhodes Smith ’17 The Woodberry cheerleader. Or as it is known in most circles, the most coveted position of power in the South. Each Spring, the cheerleaders choose a group of guys to carry on the tradition for the following year. These guys are tasked with a feat […]