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The Woodberry Tigers Fall to the Collegiate Cougars, 28-31

Kyle Kauffman ’18 When two big cats meet each other, the interaction is bound to be wild. Such was the case for this past Friday’s Varsity football game, which resulted in the Woodberry Tigers’ tooth-and-nail, 28-31 loss to the Collegiate Cougars. Collegiate had the home field (habitat?) advantage, […]

Woodberry Cross Country Wins Annual Invitational

Hughes Edwards ’20 On Saturday, September 16, 2017, the Woodberry Forest cross country teams, both Varsity and JV, competed in the annual Woodberry Forest Cross Country Invitational.  The Varsity Tigers defended their title and defeated the pool of the other seventeen teams racing, notably St. Christopher’s School, Fork […]

Varsity Soccer defeats EHS 1-0

Max Weaver ’19 September 19, the Woodberry varsity soccer team faced off against Episcopal High School on the home turf of the Maroon.  The Tigers would go onto win the game 1-0.  They started off the fir st half with the ball in their possession and would continue […]

Woodberry Beats St. Chris 49-28

Taft Gantt ‘20 The Woodberry Tigers defeated their rival St. Christopher’s 49-28 in what turned out to be a tale of two halves September 17th. The Tigers came out of the gates hot to take a 42-0 lead going into halftime. “A remarkable start to the game,” said […]

Tigers hold the Bishop O’Connell Knights to Zero

Braxton Clark ’18 The Tigers bounced back hard in a 34-0 win against the Bishop O’Connell Knights on September 9th. Their record improved to 1-1 after a close season opener. Quarterback Will Wideman ‘18 led the team in rushing, and DeQuece Carter ‘19 caught for 175 yards. Woodberry’s […]

Varsity Lacrosse Season Recap

Edward Solms ’18 Coach Spotty Robins knew that this season would be test for the boys of the Varsity Lacrosse team . Facing an extremely strong schedule, Coach Robins knew that the team needed to not only be physically ready, but mentally ready as well. In years past, as […]