Move-in Day

By Nate Stein ‘24

The move-in process on Sunday, January 10th marked the beginning of a five-day period of quarantine for all Woodberry Forest students. Sunday was rather uneventful; boys arrived at their assigned move-in times, and the majority of students were back on campus by dinnertime. Dinner and an assembly via zoom—the latter including an interesting presentation about the school’s history: “WFS: Then and Now,” given by the school historian and Woodberry Forest alumnus, Mr. Richard Barnhardt—were the only events on our schedules. Monday was the first full day of classes and planned activities. All of the students have the same daily schedule during the week of quarantine, with time allotted for meals, outdoor free time, and of course, a full day of classes online. Classes on zoom and a five-day quarantine aren’t ideal, but the health and safety measures taken now will help us have as normal a trimester as possible in the following weeks and months.

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