Exam Week

By Carter DuPuy ’22

As the fall trimester winds down at the Forest, the students are excited to return home for the winter trimester. Already, students are hurrying to fill out their exit forms and hunkering down to study for their finals. Exams are condensed into just three days rather than four, giving students an extra day but having two exams on Friday rather than the usual one. It’s only fitting that this strange trimester concludes in a different manner. As the fall trimester winds down, winter sports are also beginning.

Tryouts will occur during exam week just as they have in the past, even though the schedules for many teams are up in the air. Like with the fall, many sports have to adjust to this new way of functioning due to the restrictions of the coronavirus. The wrestling team, for example, is not allowed in the wrestling room, so they opted to take a mat out onto the practice field for tryouts. 

To conclude, while the Forest is winding down, it is more alive than ever with excitement and anxiety surrounding what the future holds.

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