Ms. Taylor Casey

By Jake Benslimane ’22

The newest addition to the Spanish department is Ms. Taylor Casey. In the spring of 2020, she graduated from Washington and Lee University. Ms. Casey majored in Spanish and Biology in college and is now teaching Spanish 1. Also, she is a Kenan Lewis fellow. As well as teaching, she coaches tennis and basketball. In college, Ms. Casey was quite the baller at Washington and Lee, averaging nearly 14 points per game as a guard. A focal point while talking to the newest addition to the Spanish Department was college. Ms. Casey said that, “Being a student athlete in college taught me how to work hard and to achieve goals, and how to manage time.” 

So far, Ms. Casey is enjoying everything that Woodberry has to offer. One of her favorite things to do around campus is to “run around looking at the beautiful scenery.” Ms. Casey was able to catch more beautiful scenery, as she attended Camp Horizon with the 3rd formers. Evidently, it was all positive memories and the frigid temperatures did not get in the way of having a good time. 

Overall, interviewing Ms. Casey was very fun and honestly didn’t feel like a traditional interview. Ms. Casey has a very welcoming atmosphere. When walking around campus, do not be hesitant to say “hello” as one of her favorite things to do is making friends.

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