Aidan Cushman ‘22
On Sunday morning last week, everyone was notified through the Alertus app that there would be a free day that Monday, and not long after one could hear shouts of glee announcing the oncoming free day. Collin Do ‘22 even said, “The shouts of ‘free day!’ reverberating through the Terry stairwell exemplified the excitement of the student body around the day.”

In prior years, this day would probably be described as a day of excitement and fun, but I believe this year the consensus was that it is a day of rest or a day to get ahead on work. After nine long weeks of work away from home, many students were exhausted. This year students also could not leave the campus, so many may have missed the weekly trips off-campus.

I talked to Bear Mangum ‘22, who said he spent his free day getting ahead on work and studying. I also got a chance to speak with roommates Shep Willis ‘22 and Will Banzet ‘22, who said they ordered food and watched a movie before beginning their work to get ahead for the coming week. Personally, I spent it getting ahead on work and playing some lacrosse.

Regardless of how you spent your free day, I think we can all agree with Will Bartlett ‘22 that it was “much needed due to the lack of a break”. This might be the most appreciated free day in years.

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