Third Form Trip to Camp Horizons

By Nate Stein ’23

On Friday, October 30th, Woodberry’s Third formers left campus for the first time in weeks. We were bused to Camp Horizons, a summer camp in Rockingham County, Virginia (about sixty miles away). When we arrived, we unloaded our bags and hiked half a mile up the hill. We were randomly split up into groups of six and assigned to either tents or cabins, and we made our way back downhill for team games (in ‘pods’ of eleven to twelve), dinner, and evening programming. For evening programming, three of the teachers that had come with us—Mr. Alexander, Mr. Handelsman, and Mrs. Cope—shared personal stories about three Woodberry values: building character, taking care of one another, and working hard. We quickly discussed the presentations in our pods after five minutes of personal reflection in our notebooks and hiked back up the mountain. For a couple hours, we sat around a campfire, had snacks, and talked with one another. The next morning, after a cold night and early wake up, we layered up and prepared ourselves for the day. We enjoyed a hot breakfast, and we rotated as pods through four stations: building fires, building shelters, archery, and the zip-line. After free time and dinner, we participated in evening programming similar to the first night. Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Wright, and Ms. Casey gave stories about the values above on the second night, though. We reflected, discussed, and made our way back up the mountain; this time, we had s’mores with the campfire. As a whole, the freshmen grew as a group over the course of their time at Camp Horizons. “It was cold, and some people might have found it miserable, but it kind of made us bond together, made us get to know each other,” said John Huerta ‘23, one of those who went on the trip.

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