Bowling Break for the Fourth Form

Aidan Stakem ‘23

Last Saturday the fourth formers were informed that instead of wholeness programming, they would be leaving campus to go to a bowling alley. As one could imagine, they were all excited. For one, bowling, and two, leaving campus for the first time since September. As they made it to the bowling alley in Charlottesville, they were asked to pick out their bowling shoes and head to a lane with the groups of their choosing. The students that grabbed their shoes first also got a head start on the refreshments. Once everyone had their shoes on and the name of their group members on the bowling screen, the bowling commenced. 

There was a lively spirit in the bowling alley that morning. One could hear the thud of the bowling ball hit the slippery wood floor. Then, the sound of the collision with the ball and the pins. Once in a while, one would hear a roar from one group. This usually meant one of two things. One, someone managed to get a strike or two, someone who has never bowled in their life managed to hit more than 2 pins. 

Although the main focus was bowling, the boys that brought money were treated with the arcade. The only time someone without money would go into the arcade was to pull their friend back into the game because it was his turn to bowl. 

At around 11:00 the pizza came out. Everyone stopped what they were doing and ran over to the tables. The boys would open up a tunnel to allow the pizza to reach the table. Once the pizza was put on the table, everyone surrounded the pizza and tried to grab a slice before it was gone. 

All in all, it was a good trip. They found out who the bowling pros were in the fourth form. They also learned that even though you hit the middle of the pins, not all of them will fall down every time. And lastly, they must’ve forgotten what they learned in physics class last year about the transfer of energy. 

P.S. If a ball gets stuck in the gutter, do not throw more balls at it because that will only leave you with 11 balls stuck and a closed lane.  

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