Ms. Holly Bracher

Carter Harrell ’22

Ms. Holly Bracher is the newest member of the infirmary staff at Woodberry. She has had a big change of scenery coming from the city skyline of Baltimore, Maryland to the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. She is an alumni of both Clemson University and John Hopkins and she has a strong medical background on top of that. She has worked on critical care units at Johns Hopkins and was also a care manager for an infectious disease team in the inner city clinic, and she has even dealt with the prevention of COVID-19. 

Over the summer, Ms. Bracher, Mr. Watson, and their dog Maple, moved into the second-floor apartment of the Dick Gym in the front, overlooking the lake and the setting sun. When she is not working long shifts at the infirmary, you can catch her being outside either on the river trail or by the lake. You might also catch her listening to audio books such as “Untamed” while knitting clothes for her family. She also enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing. Unfortunately for her and the rest of the community, the climbing room has yet to be opened up due to COVID-19.

Her first real task at Woodberry was planning and setting up the Woodberry COVID plan with the other nurses as well as packing COVID tests for the first day of school. She has also given flu shots and surveillance COVID tests to other students which helps her learn people’s names and become a closer member of the community.

Ms. Bracher has also had some great role models when adjusting to the new environment. Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Firman, and Mrs. Melinda have all helped her adjust to life at the Forest. She is looking forward to when her job becomes more seamless so she can participate in more activities in the community. She loves the community and wants to be a more active member. Be sure to say hello to her whenever you see her walking her dog, Maple, a shepherd Pomeranian mix, or whenever you drop by the infirmary.

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