“The Social Dilemma” at Woodberry

By Aidan Cushman ’22

Saturday programming this past weekend has helped enlighten the Woodberry community to the dangers of the devices in our pockets. With the first trimester beginning to wind down, students are likely spending more time inside than earlier this year, so this came at the perfect time.

On Saturday, students watched a documentary titled, The Social Dilemma, which aimed to show how addictive our phones are, and how easy lies and fake news spread online. Most understand by now that our phones are addictive, but what many don’t get is that the addiction goes hand in hand with dramatic and fake news.

It is easy to see a negative headline about a political candidate that you don’t agree with, and share it before checking your facts, and this is how fake news spreads. When these social media companies see that you shared it, they feed you more of that type of content, and get you stuck in a cycle that keeps you using their app. 

Especially at Woodberry, boys are getting more and more attached to their phones and the informative documentary and activity held by the school opened the students’ eyes. 

In conclusion it is great to see the school address the issue of fake news and phone overuse, especially during these times, seeing as the country is fighting off a Global pandemic and having our presidential election. 

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