Mr. Jacob Geiger ’05

By Noah Vaughn ’22

Mr. Geiger serves as the communications director as well as teaches journalism here at Woodberry. After graduating from Woodberry as a student in 2005, he returned to the school in 2016 after reporting for the Richmond Times-Dispatch for several years where he focused on covering small, local businesses. Immediately following his arrival, he began working with students for the school’s production network, WFSPN, and has been doing so ever since.

Getting the opportunity to work with students in his journalism class and for WFSPN is his favorite thing about the school. On top of that, he especially enjoys going for runs around campus, sometimes running half marathons, and enjoys having his own garden at home where he grows things such as raspberries and blackberries, as well as tomatoes and hot peppers in order to make salsa. Additionally, being from Kansas City, Mr. Geiger is a big Chiefs and Royals fan.

Although the Coronavirus pandemic has forced Woodberry to undergo numerous changes that have been difficult for the community to accept as a part of daily life, Mr. Geiger sees the fact that students are spending much more time outside as a definite positive to come from the circumstances. He also hopes that will remain the case moving forwards as its prevalence was something that he greatly appreciated when he was a student.

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