This Weekend’s Saturday Programming

Sam Stelter ’21

This Saturday the programming was a bit different than it had been in the past.

It was split between the Third and Fourth formers and the Fifth and Sixth formers. The Third and Fourth formers participated in a scavenger hunt to get to know many of the places around campus better. This would include going on busses or taking pictures in the dick gym and other spots around campus.

The Fifth and Sixth form experience was a bit different than that. Fifth and Sixth formers would complete a series of different discussions called “fishbowls” where students would sit in the middle while the rest observed and jumped in when prompted. One such discussion would be a bridge between the alumni of the school and the current students. Another is a discussion about race at Woodberry and how it affects the Woodberry experience as a whole. 

The programming started with Tommy Handelsman, Andy Park, and Jake Benslimane having a meeting with all of the forms supplied by Duck Donuts. After this the activities began. Seniors that were not living on Hanes Hall were allowed to intermingle with their classmates making for a better experience. Overall this Saturday programming was a great success. 

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