Mr. Benton

By Weston Wharton

Mr. Benton is in his second year of the Kenan-Lewis Fellowship here at Woodberry. Currently, he is teaching Algebra 2 and FST. He is also the faculty sponsor of the dodgeball club. He was born in Baltimore, MD but grew up in Warrenton, VA. I asked him if he knew of Woodberry before looking to apply for the fellowship and he didn’t. He called Woodberry “Virginia’s best-kept secret”. He graduated from Christopher Newport University with a degree in Mathematics and he played Intramural sports while attending college. He brings his basketball and soccer experience to Woodberry and serves as a coach on both Bengal teams. 

His favorite thing about Woodberry is the sense of the community we all find here. Also, he likes the academic freedom and the ability to experiment with different teaching styles. As a part of the fellowship program, he is pursuing a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on educational innovation. Fortunately, since all of his classes have been online at the University of Virginia, COVID has not disrupted his class schedule. 

After his time at Woodberry ends, he wants to continue his journey in the field of education by pursuing a doctoral degree or maybe even a law degree. But, at his core, he loves teaching, loves the classroom, and will always enjoy teaching. No matter where life takes him he wants to end his career teaching just like how he started it. 

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