Intramural Competitions: Football and Soccer

By Graham Helweg ’23

Creating an engaging, exciting, and challenging athletic activity during a global pandemic for nearly two hundred boys is not an easy task, yet with the help of Mr. Blundin and Mr. Jacobs, Woodberry has done just that. 

The intramural sports are a fun and creative solution to the lack of an athletics season at Woodberry this year due to COVID-19. During the intramurals, third and fourth formers are split into teams, and they play competitive soccer and flag football against each other. After finishing the first two weeks of intramural sports for both third and fourth form students, the after school activity seems to be a success. The plan was to create a flexible, competitive, and fun environment for both forms, and the intramurals have done just that. Mr. Jacobs, the head of intramural sports, said, “It isn’t playing EHS, but it’s the closest thing to it.” This plan has worked very well so far and shows no signs of failing its intended goal. 

Playing in the intramurals is a great experience that embodies the spirit of the Woodberry community, just like a Varsity football or soccer team. It gives many students a way to get to know each other better, especially for third formers who don’t get the pleasure of bengal sports in the fall. The fifth and sixth form coaches also get another way of looking at sports. Fifth Former Jordy Burnette stated, “I have learned a lot more as a coach”, due to having more responsibility as well as learning and playing to a team’s strengths and weaknesses. The intramurals also come with a prize. Fourth former Paul Mills, a player for team Fowler, said “I’m really excited to get a Fir Tree gift card if we win.” This is a great prize that motivates everyone as the entire student body enjoys the Fir Tree. 

With games on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday the week is action-packed. This makes competition a constant factor every week. “In Bengal Football they may play four games a year,” said Mr. Jacobs. “In intramurals, we play four games a week.” As the intramurals begin their playoffs this week, it seems that they were all in all successful, and will continue to engage and give students a fun athletic experience, even if it isn’t a typical fall athletics season at Woodberry.

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