Loosened COVID-19 Restrictions

By Aidan Cushman ’22

Last Wednesday evening, four weeks into the school year, Dr. Hulsey announced an all-school meeting without much warning or explanation. Luckily for the community, it was an update of the school’s COVID-19 restrictions, and it was well-received.

Headmaster Dr. Byron Husley ’86 announced that the rules around the coronavirus had changed. Students would now be permitted to eat in the dining hall as long as they were sitting with people in their cohort. Along with that, they would be allowed to mix cohort groups and, while outside, take off their mask if they were socially distanced.

The juniors on Dowd Finch responded by parading through all three floors and mixing cohort groups almost immediately, obviously excited to see their friends without the worry of demerits.

The mood of the next day was very upbeat for a Thursday. Students were happier and so were teachers. With all of this being said, let’s keep this happy mood around by wearing our masks, socially distancing, and washing our hands to control the virus.

Andy Nogas ‘22 had this to say about the new changes. “I like the changes. I enjoy going to other people’s dorms and saying hi to people other than classes.”

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