A Thank You to the Kitchen Staff

By Ben Hulsey ’22

Often, those that we depend on most at Woodberry are those we take for granted. Woodberry boys are so busy with homework, athletics, dorm life, and the rigors of the schedule that many overlook those that we need. This especially applies to our kitchen staff, who work constantly to feed our community and are too often not noticed. Everyone has had to adapt to the struggles of Covid-19, but those working in the kitchen especially have had to navigate an entirely different system. Examples of this are obtaining food during these strange times, reworking their previous style of serving, and not being able to use all of the resources they could previously use. 

I spoke to several of the kitchen staff. “We are still here,” they said. “It is much harder because of the packaging and running materials back and forth, but we are doing our best. We also miss seeing you all.”

Thank you to the kitchen staff for your constant support and keeping us going. We couldn’t do it without you.

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