Woodberry Hosts OneLove for Student Wholeness Day

By John Tandberg ’21

On the evening of Wednesday January 15th, the entire school went to the Bowman Gray Auditorium to listen to the account of Ms. Leslie Morgan Steiner as she talked about her experience in an unhealthy relationship. This would mark the start of the discussion and activities that would make up OneLove day at the Forest. 

The morning started with an assembly at 9:00 a.m., where there was a panel of men talking about the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Once the assembly was over, all the students went to their own assigned workshops which were led by fellow students and some faculty. The 3rd and 4th form students first watched a documentary on how social media affects relationships in today’s world. The 5th and 6th forms viewed a documentary made by the OneLove Foundation on the story of a seemingly healthy relationship turned violent, which showed how quickly unhealthy behavior can escalate in a relationship. All of the group discussions concerning different aspects of the films they had just seen. 

Once finished with their morning workshops, students had lunch with their advisors, where they discussed the morning activities. Once done, everyone went to their second workshops of their choosing, all of which were aimed at analyzing the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. After all discussions were over, there was a recap by each group in the Bowman Gray Auditorium to explain what they learned, as well as closing remarks. Finally, everyone went to the Lummis Lawn, where they took a photo of the entire school population posing as the logo for the OneLove Foundation. This capped off a day full of valuable experience for many, that they will hopefully use when they enter a serious relationship.

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