Faculty Dog Power Rankings, No. 11: Beau Brazinski

By Luke Stone ’20

Name: Beau Brazinski

Date of Birth: 10/13/16

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Favorite Chew Toy: Frisbee

Biggest Fear: Missing a meal, snoring too loudly in history class, Duke fans

Best Dog Friend(s): Edgar, Millie, every dog he has ever met

Dog Nemesis: Cats

Special Traits: Avid collector of socks, sticks, and tennis balls. He proudly carries up to 3 items at once.

Favorite Human Food: Whatever you are eating + peanut butter

Coming in at No. 11 in the Faculty Dog Power Rankings is Beau Brazinski. The Labrador Retriever roaming the halls of Upper Armfield/Anderson appeared on 33.6% of ballots and finished just three votes shy of tenth place. If you see him around, pet him for congratulations. You’ll know he’s happy if, as Mr. Brazinski put it, “his whole body wiggles.”

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