Faculty Dog of the Week, No. 13: Layla

Full Name: Layla
Date of Birth (or Adoption): March 22, 2018
Breed: O’Doodle (Irish Setter and Poodle)
Favorite Chew Toy: A good, old-fashioned tennis ball
Biggest Fear: Inanimate objects on sidewalks
Best Doggo Friend(s): Finn (Lane), Suki and Yati (Jacobs)
Dog Nemesis: Cats. She’s terrified of cats. She loves all dogs though.Special Traits: She gives high-fives and hugs
Favorite Human Food: Ice and carrots

Coming in at No. 13 in our Faculty Dog Power Rankings is Layla, Ms. Rodriguez’s Irish Setter/Poodle Mix. She appeared on 23.2% of ballots, placing her just two votes shy of twelfth place. If you see her in the C6 Tower on Walker or on the third floor of Armfield, be sure to congratulate her. Just don’t bring any inanimate objects like skateboards, fire hydrants, or grills with you because she is absolutely terrified of them.

Categories: Humor