Mr. Mabe Announces Study Abroad Opportunities at Thursday Assembly

By Sam Stelter ’21

This Thursday, the entire student body gathered in the auditorium to the sound of the 9:30 bell. The theme of this assembly was “Woodberry Abroad Programs.” Mr. Mabe started out the assembly by listing the Programs that Woodberry offers, which include the following:

Woodberry MESA, a program in Mexico offered to students in Spanish 1 and Spanish 2, which runs from June 1 to June 25.

Woodberry in the Galapagos is offered to current 4th and 5th formers and provides a great opportunity to learn more about the life sciences. It ranges from June 16th to June 30th.

Woodberry in Oxford, which is also offered to 4th and 5th formers, is a unique experience if you want to learn more about British history. It runs from July 1-23. Mr. Mabe added that the Oxford program may be especially interesting next summer because of Brexit and the 2020 European Championship Final in soccer, which will take place at Wembley Stadium in London.

Woodberry on the Silk Road runs from June 18 to July 7. On this trip currently open to 4th and 5th formers, students will visit Kazakhstan and Turkey and learn more about archaeology.

Woodberry in Spain. This trip, currently open to 5th formers, will help immerse students in Spanish culture. This trip runs June 4 to July 11 in several locations. In years past, the group has had shorter visits to Madrid and Valencia and roughly two-week long stays in San Sebastian and Sevilla.

All applications are due November 1st, and participants will be chosen on November 22nd. To learn more about the programs, visit the link below:

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