Bengal Football Mid-Season Recap

By Griffin Warlow ’23

Last night the Woodberry Forest Bengal Tigers defeated Saint Anne’s-Belfield by a score of 38-0 at Johnson Stadium for their first win of the season. The game marks the mid-season point for the squad, which now stands at 1-2. With only six games in the short season and one having already been cancelled last week against Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School, the boys would love nothing more than to win their last two games and climb to a respectable 3-2 by the end of the season. 

The season started out pretty rough for the young group as it lost their opener at Prospect Heights Middle School by 14, and then fell to Benedictine High School four days later by only four points. The team rallied a great comeback in the final quarter against Benedictine, but a turnover on downs by the Tigers in the red zone with very little time remaining stunted the possible comeback.

With two full weeks to prepare for STAB, the coaches worked the boys hard to prepare for the final home game of the season. The extra week clearly paid off for the team as they shut out the Saints in an assertive 38-0 victory last night.

Two games remain for the Bengals, both of which are very winnable if they perform like they did last night. The team will be looking to beat Benedictine on the road this Tuesday. Following that the Tigers will travel to play Fluvanna Middle School on Saturday, November 2nd. It will be interesting to see how the team rides the wave of their win yesterday into Benedictine and finish out the season.

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