Mr. Holmes Hosts Fifth Form Barbecue in Barbee Center

By Gia Khanh Do ’20

This past Saturday, Coach Holmes hosted a barbecue dinner for Fifth Form students at the Barbee Center. The event presented an opportunity for the class to be together on an otherwise quiet weekend that featured trips to Kings Dominion and a haunted house.

Mr. Chris Holmes prepared burgers, hot dogs, and BBQ pork while members of the Class of 2021 hung out around the area. While they waited, the boys played Frisbee, KanJam, basketball, cornhole and Spikeball. 

Following the feast, the class watched the Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly classic “Stepbrothers.”

“I enjoyed it. I thought that playing KanJam was really fun, even if nobody could beat Peter Moore and Bo Phillips,” Tim Pouring ’21 said. “I think they eventually got dethroned at the end, but I can’t remember who they lost to.”

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