Fifth and Sixth Form Parents Visit Woodberry

By Gia Khanh Do ’21

This past Friday night, Fifth and Sixth Form parents gathered in the Bowman-Gray Auditorium for Dr. Byron Hulsey’s annual speech and a panel discussion. The event started with the bag pipe band playing ‘Amici,’ the school’s anthem. After a round of applause, Dr. Hulsey stepped onto the podium. His speech included a message from the school that they will take care of every student. He mentioned a story of a former Third Former who fitted six sheets on his bed so he doesn’t have to wash his sheets regularly and just remove each layer each time. After Dr. Hulsey’s speech, the event moved on to the panel discussion which included Mr. Nolan LaVoie, Dr. Matt Boesen, Mr. Ryan Alexander, and Mr. Greg Guldin.

Mr. LaVoie talked about how it is important for each student to have at least two close relationships with faculty members and at least three best friends. This was the basic support system. He also mentioned a change in the Blue Book regarding the rule on tobacco.

Mr. Alexander talked about how the Prefects surprised the Third Formers at the Third Form Experience. Lastly, Mr. Guldin talked about room cleanliness and ‘Super Clean.’ After the panel discussion, there was a five minute break while the jazz band prepared. When they were ready, they played “Buck Jump.” Freddie Woltz ’20 had his moment as he played a solo on his trombone accompanied by a trumpet backup from TK Baker ’21. After the Jazz band finish playing, the Dozen came out to the stage. They sang Amici and the Woodberry Fight Song. 

The event concluded with the parents entering the Baker Gallery to talk with the headmaster and faculty members.

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