Third Form Stays at Camp Horizons for Inaugural Third Form Experience

By Griffin Warlow ’23

This past weekend, Woodberry was a “depressed” place according to English teacher Mr. Blain in reference to the absence of the 3rd and 4th forms.

The 3rd Form New Boys ventured to Camp Horizons for a nearly four day bonding and learning experience. It all began with an early bus ride on Saturday morning to the camp grounds. The energetic Horizon staff welcomed the class with open arms. Following a seemingly endless schlep to the Discovery Village campgrounds, the boys began to settle in, as they received a first taste of the days ahead. 

The first day encompassed a few ice-breaking games and an introduction to the soon-to-be class-wide favorite game, 9-square. Following dinner and a few more activities, the boys returned in the dark to their tents and cabins to be stunned by the presence of a handful of gargantuan wolf spiders. Two of which resided in Cabin 1, resulting in a restless night for many arachnophobes.

The two days that followed included a jumble of on and off site activities, including fire building, archery, ziplining, and climbing, to name a few. The more popular among the class were the offsite activities, such as canoeing and caving.

“The caving experience introduced me to stuff I never thought that I could accomplish,” Teddy Chavez ’23 said. I never thought that I could go into a space that was 2 feet wide and not have a panic attack. It was great.”

The final day also included the first ever Woodberry Forest Games, where teams participated in tons of activities and gained points throughout the day. A handful of lucky students even got to plunge Mr. O’Donnell into the dunk tank. The games concluded with the winning team being awarded a golden cooler full of ice cream sandwiches. 

The boys and teachers involved formed tons of new friendships and bonds through the journey and despite the amount of joy in the atmosphere when the buses arrived, all parties involved can deem the trip an unforgettable experience. 

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