GSA Attends Event in Richmond

By Gia Khanh Do ’21

This past Saturday, 22 members of the Woodberry GSA took a trip to Virginia Pridefest at Brown’s Island, Richmond. 

After a two hours drive by Ms. Mills and Mr. Hogan, the group arrived at Brown’s Island. The weather was hot and the venue was packed. More than 30,000 people were expected to attend. There was music, food, and free gifts.

Several patrons recognized the Tigers. A woman with children attending both St. Catherine’s and St. Mary’s approached a group of boys to express her happiness towards their involvement.

Walker Simmons ’21 commented on the Pridefest:  “I have never been to an event like that before, and since I am going to SDLC this winter I thought I would attend the Pridefest. It was very eye-opening and interesting because it allowed me to learn more about those of the LGBT community by experiencing it first hand. I felt more comfortable than I thought I would, although I did feel uncomfortable or out of place at times. In the end, I left the festival with a new perspective and ideas I can bring back to Woodberry.” 

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