Mr. Holmes Takes Students to Nationals Game in DC

By Hieu Ngoc Pham ’20

Last Saturday, Coach Holmes and 5 Woodberry boys, Chas McCrary ’21, John Robinson ’21, Ian Trainor ’21, TK Baker ’21, and I were treated to an exceptional Nationals baseball game against the Cleveland Indians at the Nationals Park in Navy Yard, Washington D.C. We were fortunate enough to watch Nats 1st baseman Ryan Zimmerman play on his 35th birthday and end up with an RBI (run batted in) and 2 hits in 4 at-bat appearances. The game lasted just over 3 hours and ended with the Nationals winning 10-7 with a 9-run rally in the 2nd inning, including the center fielder Gerardo Parra’s grand slam. Not only that, 4 out of 5 Woodberry boys had been invited to the Enchant Christmas event later this year.

The ballgame was a great opportunity for everyone to glimpse the park’s stunning view, taste great foods, and support the Nats.

“This was my second time going to the park, after the first last April against the Pirates,” Pham said. “If I had to compare the two games I watched, this game was way much better than the first. I really enjoyed every single moment of the game, especially when the Nats scored and danced the Parra’s ‘baby shark’ after he hit a grand slam. I would like to thank the school and Coach Holmes for this great opportunity.”

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