Yearbook Takes Staff Trip to Richmond for Workshop

By J Banzet ‘20

Replacing half of the students on the yearbook staff from last year to this one is going to be a tall task, but the new group took its first step in creating the 2019-2020 book by venturing down to Richmond for the third year in a row to attend a workshop. Held on the campus of VCU, four of the five students experienced for the first time what working with the software eDesign is all about. 

Hieu Ngoc Pham ’20, Charlie Thompson ’21, Meade Seay ’21, and Hale Roberts ’21 are the new full-time members to the staff, which meets year-round during HG period and is taught by the advisor to The Fir Tree, Mr. Tyler Campbell. Editor-in-Chief J Banzet ’20 attended the workshop for the third time today and spoke about his goals for this year’s book.

“Last year, we only had Wills Thompson ’19, Mr. Campbell, and myself working on the book for the entire year. Charlie [Thompson] did some work for us during the winter and contributed photography throughout the year, but we still needed to find a way to replace all of the work that Wills did,” said Banzet. “I hope we’ve got enough commitment from the three brand-new guys to not only replace Wills’ work, but also to take the book to new heights.”

Pham and Roberts went through introductory sessions, led by Herff Jones professionals, that got them acquainted with the program, while Thompson and Seay went through both a beginner class and photography instruction session. Banzet participated in an “eDesign Advanced” course before the whole team met with Mr. Campbell and a graphic design artist that helped design the cover for the book.

“I don’t want to give away any spoilers about the cover, but it’s got a chance to be one of the coolest ever,” said Banzet. “It’s very modern and contemporary, but still with a little tradition and mainstay from the past two years. I think it will be well-received by the entire community.”

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