Mrs. Mills Hosts Cooking Class in Hanes

By Carter Krusz ’20

Last Saturday, six seniors, Carter Krusz ‘20, Austin De La Torre ‘20, Mitchell Jones ‘20, Riley Cluff ‘20, Rex Hallow ‘20, and Sandeep Thapa ‘20, gathered in Mrs. Mills’ apartment on Lower Hanes to learn how to make fajitas.

 The class began by making dough for tortillas, which was done by mixing flour, water, and olive oil. They then kneaded the dough and split it into 16 balls, which they rolled out into flat circles and fried. 

While the tortillas were being fried, a couple of the students got busy scooping and cutting up avocados to make fresh guacamole. After the tortillas and guacamole were finished, the class grilled chicken and sauteed peppers and onions. 

Satisfied with their work, the class sat down to enjoy their homemade fajitas. 

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