Stud of the Week: Mathieu Masse-Pelletier

By Zack Woods ’20 and Jack Hastings ’20

Mathieu Masse-Pelletier is the definition of a stud. Not only is he physically bigger than JJ Watt, but he also has the world’s biggest heart. Word on the street is that he rescues stray puppies in his free time. New Boys, you may be scared of this beast in the halls, but know he doesn’t bite. Although his senior year just started, he already has 205 offers. When Nick Saban called Mathieu to recruit him, Mathieu simply responded, “If you ain’t talking money I don’t wanna talk.” Besides his athletic capability, he’s also a stud in the classroom. Currently, he holds one of the school’s highest GPA’s with a 4.2. If you see Mathieu in a Tim Hortons (or on-campus), make sure to congratulate him on being selected as the stud of the week!

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