Orientation Events Summary

By Tim Pouring ’21

For the New Boys, Sunday started off with meeting with PLC leaders and advisers, then a PLC meeting followed by advisory seated meal and chapel. They finished off the night with pictures and dorm gatherings. The Old Boys had a similar schedule, featuring outdoor activities, advisory seated meal, chapel, pictures, and a meeting on dorm values.

On Monday, New Boys went through an “Orientation Rotation” including lectures on Academics and Support, Health Services, ImPACT Testing (for head injuries), Residential Life, and Technology. They also sat for meetings about athletics and the disciplinary system. To finish off the day, they enjoyed a PLC (Peer Leadership Council) scavenger hunt. Old Boys had a variety of assemblies, depending on their form. The Fourth and Fifth Forms met with the college counselors, while the Sixth form had group “breakout discussions” and a subsequent brunch catered by Shawn’s Barbecue. There were a few form meetings as well.

On Tuesday, New Boys finished their orientation rotation, and Old Boys had more class-specific meetings. Fourth Formers were among the busiest students, fitting the Club Fair between small group meetings with Sixth Formers in the morning and a meeting with the Cheerleaders in the afternoon.

One of the head planners, Dean of the Third and Fourth Form Ryan Alexander said, “I think it was a good year. I want to make sure that they’re all cared for. [However], that takes a while to cultivate, but we [can] plant some seeds during Orientation. The measure of success [is] making sure the families feel welcome. I think [the Sixth Form students] were welcoming.”

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