Review of Avengers Endgame

Kenny Ambiso ’20

Avengers: Endgame has opened this past weekend to $1.2B and if you’ve seen the movie, it’s easy to see why. Doctor Strange looked at 14 million different realities and only one of them saw this movie flopping. The movie is a conclusion to what directors Joe and Anthony Russo have called the “Infinity Saga”. As such, the movie is packed with copious amounts of Easter eggs and references to the past 21 movies that will tug at the nostalgic heartstrings of longtime MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fans and comic book fans alike.

There’s a lot in here for the casual moviegoer as well. The movie is funny, action-packed, and at times extremely heartfelt. While much of the movie consists of exposition, the classic Marvel quippiness keeps the audience attentive and wanting more. All this mixed together makes for a film that is well worth the 3 hour and 2-minute runtime.

The movie, however, is far from perfect. As previously mentioned, the movie contains a lot of exposition and with the absence of about half the cast of Infinity War, things can get a bit boring at certain parts. Fans have gone as far as to post times when viewers should go to the restroom. The movie also has a few small but noticeable plot holes as (minor spoiler) time travel is handled a bit clumsily. Nevertheless, the tedium never sticks and the movie picks right back up. After the 2 hour mark, the movie is nothing short of blissful. The 25-minute long final battle sequence dwarfs the battle of Wakanda, Titan, and New York in pure epicness. Overall, this movie is a love letter to hardcore and casual fans of the MCU and also delivers a satisfying ending to the saga Robert Downey Jr. started back in 2008.

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