The Red Sweater Project

Taylor Tucker ’19

The Red Sweater Project is a nonprofit organization based out of Portland, Oregon. Its sole purpose is to fund, as best as it can, the Mungere School: a private secondary school in Mto Wa Mbu, Tanzania. Tanzania is an African country just south of the equator and Kenya. It is home to Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, and a majority of the Serengeti plain. The Mungere School lies in the middle of Tanzania along the western edge of the Great Rift Valley.

In Tanzania, primary school is government-provided, much like our public elementary schools. Secondary school, however, is not, so all secondary schools must be private. But, private schools cost money. On average, secondary school costs $500 USD per year, but the average income is $530 USD per year. Also, Tanzania is a largely paternalistic society, and so women do not usually receive the same opportunities, especially in education.

The Red Sweater Project changes this. The Mungere School is one of the best secondary schools in the nation, with success percentages far greater than the national average. The Mungere School also provides equal opportunities for young women and men: the student ratio is about 60% women and 40% men. As an added bonus, the Mungere School also contributes two full meals per day and access to clean drinking water. With donations and contributions, the Red Sweater Project allows the school to be run on only $15 contributed over a student’s entire career at the Mungere School. The Mungere School stands for affordable and equal education.

We at Woodberry want to form a long-term partnership with the Red Sweater Project and the Mungere School, which would be beneficial for both schools. We could participate in fundraisers, inter-scholastic competitions, and even perhaps visit the school. By opening up this relationship, we can, perhaps, grow the Woodberry bubble even more.

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