Quill Theater Troupe Visit Woodberry

Harold Perry ’22

Last Friday third and fourth form students gathered in the Bomb Shelter Experimental Theater in the Walker Fine Arts Center to enjoy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” performance by a talented group from the Quill Theater in Richmond.

The Quill Theater troupe challenged the traditional approach to A Midsummer Night’s Dream by playing what can at sometimes be a very serious play with no seriousness at all. The physical actions and the evident emotions of the actors greatly contributed to this sense of comedy.

The actors played their roles with great emotion and even greater skill, which made their performance a pleasure to watch. One actor in particular, though he only played small roles, showed the same care for the play that his other, more prominent peers, showed.

After the play ended, they stayed for a Question and Answer period. Students learned that, among other things, a love for Shakespeare doesn’t often appear at a young age; they also learned that the actors “all hate each other, actually.”

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