OneWoodberry Fundraiser

Austin de la Torre ’20

Wednesday, March 21 marked one of the most important days of the year for the school, OneWoodberry. Fundraising began at 12:00 AM with a clear goal in mind: receiving donations from 3,000 people.. If the campaign could hit that donation count by the end of the day, then 58 “Challenge Donors” would donate an additional $500,000 to the Amici Fund. At the All-School Assembly, which was moved to Wednesday, students heard from Wilson Bonner’ 05, who talked about the lasting friendships he formed at Woodberry. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 1.42.05 PM.png

Students check-in on fundraising efforts with Lee Dudley ’18, one of many alumni who came back to campus to help get donations.

The fundraiser exceeded expectations, hitting 3,000 donors by mid-afternoon en route to bringing in a total of $2,169,687 from 3,880 donors. One Woodberry is more than just income for the school, though; it represents the tightly knit school community that is both the cause and result of such a special place. These donations to the Amici Fund are extremely important for providing financial aid so that students of any financial background have the opportunity to attend Woodberry.

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