The Diving Tigers’ Invitational

Audric Gupton ’20 and Reed Shemwell ’21

The Aquatic Tigers hosted the Peter Browne Ruffin Invitational last Saturday. The Saint Joseph’s High School Falcons of Metuchen NJ, Mr. Guldin’s alma mater, won first place with 602 points. The Tigers held second place with 489 and Norfolk took third with 342. Jack Stelter ‘20 had a great early win, swimming a 1:47.54 in the Men’s 200 yard Freestyle. Soon after in the women’s 50 Yard Freestyle, Blythe Brewster ’20, won second place with a time of 29.40. Kyle Floyd ’20, swam a 53.92 to win the Men’s 100 Yard Butterfly. Later in the meet, the Forest’s Kyle Floyd ’20, Jack Stelter ’20, Charlie Moore ’19, and Gavin Newcamp ’21 won the Men’s 4×50 Yard Freestyle Relay with a time of 1:32.57. Jack Stelter added another impressive win in the Men’s 100 Yard Breaststroke with a final time of 1:05.03. Congratulations to fifth former Colm Dodd for accomplishing his goal of reaching the VISAA swimming and diving championship with a time of 5:35.90 in the Men’s 500 Yard Freestyle.

After a long fought meet, the Tigers and the Falcons congratulated each other and went up the hill to eat some barbeque in the dining hall. The Falcons slowly began their return back to New Jersey after several plates full of barbeque and desserts. The Tigers are eager to keep this tradition going next year, but in the mean time, start prepping for the meet at Madeira on Friday the 14th.

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